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EDBONG is a coop Adventure game where your are chained with your cell mate. Both of you will try to escape  from a enormous Alien Prison that you are enclosed in.And the only way to fight the enemies that will be in your way will be to use the chain !

Will you be brave enough to face the monstruosities that lies ahead and carry your way out?

As you go down the levels, you will fight different ennemies with their own style, and face epic bosses with unique patterns and strategies . This chain is and will be your only weapon throughout the game, and will allow you to kill the various enemies and bosses by many different interactions with it. They will challenge you, but remember that the stronger your frienship is, the stronger the chain will be !

EDBONG it's a school project that we started in Novembre 2018 and we gonna present the Vertical Slice for June 2019! We are a group of 5 students and the game it's in his ALPHA state, stay soon for upcoming updates !

What can i play right now?

  • The first floor of the game that takes ~15 minutes to finish.
  • 3 differents enemies
  • A Boss Fight
  • 3 Different gameplay mechanics
  • Solo mod ( not easy at all ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) )
  • More other thinks 

We hope that you will like it as much as we do creating it and we’d love to have your feedbacks !

You will find on social media all the cool news about it, for exclusives artworks, game design documents, previews trailers, devblogs.

Follow our game like it was yours :



If you have any suggestion or question you can contact us on our social media platform or by email here: edbong.studio@gmail.com

 GL & HF!

Game Controls:

-If after having launch the game, the controllers do not react properly. Unplugged and reconnected them.


Elias Bennour Project lead / Game designer / Developer : https://eliasbenur.itch.io/

Arthur Favre - Game designer / Developer  : https://nedz.itch.io/

Antoine Fevre- Marketing Director : https://itch.io/profile/heimdall5

Florent Babin- Game designer / Graphic artist :https://scratchinartist.itch.io/

Gaëtan Krol - Game designer / Graphic artist / Level designer : https://skyfizz.itch.io/


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